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“Best of Year” winner at the D&AD Student Awards 2012.




“I consider myself a skillful huntsman. I’m trying to catch something, which words cannot describe. It’s a feeling or condition, which somehow behaves like a person. It’s the shy moment, the funky groove or pure honesty – as I said, it’s really hard to explain and it’s even harder to turn it into visual art.

I see “hunting” not as a job. I’m doing, what I love and lucky me, people like what I do and pay me for that. During my journey I’m blessed with meeting many inspiring friends, which teach me in knowledge and wisdom. So I’m getting better from project to project. I haven’t reached the point where I want to be, yet. But I will.”

Who’s Christoph Gey?

Christoph Gey is an award winning Art Director and Illustrator based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Between backpacking Australia, Thailand and America he studied at “Middlesex University” London, United Kingdom (BA-first class Honours).

Young of age Christoph started working for clients such as the German Bundestag, Max-Planck-Society, ZDF and ARD. Later he worked for BMW, Toyota and Mercedes. Temporarily he works for Nintendo, Mc Donald’s and many more.

He’s specialized in branding, digital and illustration. Besides that, he writes children books such as “Fines fantastische Abenteuer” and does little, private projects on site.


Meet Matthew and Katie Ann Denis

16. Nov 2014
“Special Thanks to Daniel Goerdeler for a funny, emotional and honest interview. This guy needs his own TV show! ”


08. Nov 2014
“BIG TANKS to Arnaud Atchimon for the nice interview. You’ll be able to watch it, as part of my upcoming interview series “the creative heart” here on my website.”

01. Nov 2014
“This month it was my turn to create a ‪‎Spotify‬ ‪‎Playlist and Cover Art‬ for our Isobar‬ Blog. Check it out and groove through the weekend.”

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Home Office at Yosemite NP

26. Oct 2014
“Traveling through America I used the chance to create my outdoor office at the Yosemite National Park, California.”