This will sound really cheesy but good branding doesn’t mean, putting a branding iron on a cows butt. It’s more like understanding clients, their world, their aims, their customers and offering them a direction on their path. Sorry, but it’s true.

I discovered this while creating delicious, kick-ass brandings which fit companies like a tailored suit and makes them look elegant and crunchy in public. Therefore, I find and uncover the sweet, unique voice of businesses, while utilizing all tools of conception and turn it into targeted, creative brand communication. The final results, are smashing Corporate Designs! Exclamation mark, exclamation mark.

I’m offering:
Corporate Designs (On- & Offline), Corporate Content, Design Manuals, Logo Development, Advertising and Communication Strategies.



I’m making it blink like crazy, playing funny noises, and “parallaxing” it’s way through the digital world. Screen Design, YEAH… Of course everything needs to be responsive. Mobile first and never forget to ask for augmented reality to make it really sexy. What about context sensitivity? What about face recognition, voice recognition, leap motion or using a oculus rift? That’s freaking hot.
We will use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to bring the beast alive. Woe is me, if it’s not 100% pixel-precise. Everything needs to be pixel precise. If a coffee could be made out of pixels, it should be pixel-precise and with milk. Pixel-precise milk!

I play for keeps with:
Concepts, wireframes, websites, micro sites, landing pages, apps, image editing, user interface, newsletter, ad specials, social media stuff, and other stuff. Even the stuff of the stuff.



Illustrating the shit out of an idea by using pencils, ink, aerosol cans, watercolor, chocolate, wool, dog poop, coffee, cement, glass, ice, hairballs of my cat, shoelace and every material that comes close to my reach and makes my hands dirty.

But tons of materials and a good idea doesn’t necessarily make a good illustration. Of course, it comes down to perspective, storytelling, the relationship of tension and much more. But even all this is not that relevant. The hard part is to bring it all to life, to make it pulse, breath and groove to its own tune.

Lets make a deal for:
business illustration, corporate illustration, characters, info graphics, iconography, editorials and advertising.