Experiments, ideas, sketches and small projects

Backlog for my design experiments

Here you will find some of my sketches, videos, little graphic/illustration experiments, photographs or private projects which are simply to small to put in my regular portfolio. I hope you’ll enjoy them.


Over 35 acoustic tracks for a raw listening pleasure. I have this playlist on repeat for months and still love every single song.

Super Sonic Speed Machine

Energetic tracks I used to listen excessively when I was a kid. I keep them on repeat to get a flashback and energy boost.


Dive into the balanced ocean of classical music. Ideal for focussed work sessions late at night.


These tracks will fill you up with energy, make your head bounce, spirit dance and ideas fly – whenever you need it.

Dream Dancer

The perfect soundtrack for floating in the moment. Become quite and absorb every pause, every note and every lil word.

Underneath the Skin

Tracks that go underneath my skin and make me believe that we are more than flesh and bones.

The Creative Heart

was a small interview series, that captured the aura, thoughts and mindset of inspiring people. What pushes them forward? Who do they believe in? What problems do they face? The answers are just a few mouse clicks away.

Camera and Video Editing by Christoph Gey


I listen to these tracks when I want to come into my design mode. Photo by Brunel Johnson.


These tracks are composed for concentrated working sessions during lade night hours. Listen and get shit done.


Songs capturing the funk, groove and something else. Gives ya a nice swag especially on your way to work.

Foggy Waters

An ideal mix for early morning work sessions, if you still got foggy waters in your head.

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