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I’m saving the world – but first have a smoke

Designing a book cover is something different than designing a logo or website – also there are similarities. You need to nail down the essence of 300+pages in a single image. You need to make justice to the hard work and ideas of the author that might prospered over years. You need to make the book cover very personal but also consumable by the mainstream. It needs to grab the readers attention on a book shelf and keeps holding it while it lies in hands. When you are designing a book series you need to develop a style and visual frame that still makes sense from the first till the last book and keeps looking good with the change of zeitgeist.
You judge if we made a good job.

What I did as a Freelance Illustrator:

I’ve illustrated the cover and spine in close collaboration with A. K. Grundig. That means I’ve respected all of the ideas she already put into the cover, made ideas for improvement where it was suitable, drew everything and layouted it at the end.

Agency: Freelance
Client: A. K. Grundig and the Hybrid Verlag
My role:
– Freelance Creative Director
– Freelance Illustrator

– Band 1 –


Syria, 2012: Violent attacks turn the peaceful protests into a bloody civil war. The war reporter Lea barely survives a double explosion.
Between bomb attacks and shelling from a wide variety of warring factions, she searches for the reasons for the escalation. By her side is Nathan, a famous tragic photographer. Together they encounter human abysses and uncomfortable truths.
The question of the meaning of all the chaos in Syria and in the world turns into a race for life and death.

  • 1st edition: November 07, 2019
  • Language: German
  • Paperback: 252 pages
  • Recommended age: 12+ years
  • Size: 12.5x19cm

– Band 2 –


Germany, 2012. War journalist Leandra Moreau returns from Syria. With her not only the coffin of her colleague Hannes, who was shot by rebels, but also his blue folder with information collected undercover. Hanne’s legacy points to a dangerous path, the scope of which Lea only realizes through an unexpected helper. Not only does she fight with the demons of war, but in her home idyll she suddenly finds herself confronted with powers that threaten to destroy her existence.

  • 1st edition: April 15, 2022
  • Language: German
  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Recommended age: from 12+ years
  • Size: 12.5x19cm
A. K. Grundig

A. K. Grundig


“For me personally, creating the cover is one of the most beautiful moments of being an author. Especially when you get to work with such a patient, talented and wonderful artist like Christoph Gey, who conjured up these gems. A great, uncomplicated and professional collaboration.”