Ca Go – Online Corporate Design, Website and Print
The start up company Ca Go from Koblenz produces carrier bicycles (frame : „Long John“) that stands for high security standards and durability. The brand lives modern and urban micro mobility und pushes the boundaries for sustainable driving within cities.

Even before the first bike prototype was ready for testing, the CEO’s Franc Arnold and Matthias Naumann asked me, if I would like to develop the digital corporate design and interface guidelines. Of course I said YES! The agency KMS Team was commissioned with the logo development and creation of the color palette. They did a great job. Besides the development of the branding, I’ve created the company website (with a configurator and shop) as well as an app and lots of print media..

I really enjoyed working very close with the engineers and CEO’s

Agency: Freelance in Cooperation with KMS
Client: Ca Go (powered by RTI Sports)
My role: Creative Director, Art Director, UX&UI Designer & Illustrator



Corporate Design Development

Creating a brand is not an easy task to do. Especially if the main product is still in the making and changes every day. So the best thing to do, is to sit down with the CEO’s and engineers and reveal the character of the future brand and what the hell you shall communicate. So I did.

At the beginning I ask myself a lot of questions besides the basic ones (What is the product? How does it work? What’s the USP? …) For designer the more important ones are: What’s the DNA? What’s the tone of voice? How shall we differntiate it from the competitors? The list is nearly endless. But answers are coming in and loose ends start to knot together. 

The hard part is to transfer these answers into visual output, to create a brand worth to be remembered. Oh yeah … and don’t forget the Zeitgeist – it shall last for a few years and create momentum as well. 

Designers have some visual tools available for that: Typeface, Color, User Interface Elements, Imagery, Icons, Whitespace and much more. Here is the way I found for me and Ca Go.


Web Design







Freelance in cooperation with KMS Team

ca go (a RTI brand)

Christoph Gey
Matthias Naumann

Art & Creative Director
Christoph Gey

User Interface & User Experience
Christoph Gey