DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga

Apps, Website and Pattern Library


The “Deutsche Fußball Liga” is an association of the 36 German professional football clubs that partake in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga.

Hired as a freelance art director and graphic designer I was part of the division “Creative Services” I’ve improved products like the “Official Bundesliga App” and the “Fantasy Manager App” visually and conceptionally. I’ve also created new digital products such as the “Bundesliga Next App” visually and conceptionally from the ground up.

As a small team we were also able to introduce a design system and pattern library to the company to create digital products faster and more efficient.

Agency: Freelance
Client: DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga
Role: Freelance Senior Art Director, User Interface Designer, User Experience Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Project One

The official Bundesliga App

What it is:
With the Bundesliga’s official app you are always one step closer to events in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. For every match, it offers you a live ticker, comprehensive statistics and advanced match facts such as real tactical positioning or xGoals – all in real time! The app also offers you exclusive news, videos and interviews from the top two divisions of German football.

What I did:
As a Freelance Art Director the team and I have redesigned the general look of the official Bundesliga App, designed new UI elements, introduced the dark mode, designed the tablet landscape modus, created new (aws) AI features such as advanced statistics like “Average Positions”, “Attacking Zone”, “Shot/Pass Efficiency”, developed new conceptional ideas and did many more.

The app got featured at the Apple Store.

Bundesliga App Breaking Points by the freelance Art Director and freelance ui designer Christoph Gey of Cologne, Germany
Say hello to the Darkmode
Darkmode of the Official Bundesliga App

“Working together with Christoph is very easy. He completely understands complex problems and finds astonishing solutions in a short time. Our products’ user experiences and interfaces made a huge step since he is on board.”

Martin Aschenbrenner, Product Owner bei DFL Digital Sports GmbH

Project Two

Bundesliga Fantasy Manager

What it is:
Are you a real Bundesliga Manager? Then prove it in the Official Bundesliga Fantasy Manager and play the game live wherever you are. You can select all current players of the season from the Bundesliga. Each player gets points for their actions on the field based on the statistical analysis of the match. Choose your 15 top players in the Bundesliga regardless of which club they play for and create your fantasy team with a budget of 150 million

What I did:
As a Freelance Art Director I’ve redesigned the general look of the Bundesliga Fantasy Manager App, introduced the dark mode, created a landing page, web application and key visuals.


“Ich bin sehr begeistert von seiner Arbeit. In den Projekten, indenen ich mit Chris zusammengearbeitet habe, hat er sich vollständig in das Team integriert. Seine UX Konzepte, aber auch entworfenen UI Elemente geben dem Produkt ein wundervolles Gesicht. Ich kann ihn nur herzlich Empfehlen!

Fabian Mlink, Product Owner bei DFL Digital Sports GmbH

Project Three

Bundesliga Next App

What it is:
With the new Bundesliga Next App your one step closer to your favorite club and stars of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga. In this video app you see the coolest skills, the best saves and astonishing goals. Of course you’ll also get stets. 

What I did:
As a Freelance Art Director I have created this app with the talented DFL team from the ground up. It got featured on the Apple Store. We also created a landing page, keyvisuls and much more. With a view on the numbers: They outdone the expectations.

Head of Department
Juan Pablo Kessler

Members of the Design Staff
Marvin Stracke (Head)
Simon Wolf
Philipp Reinhart-van-Gülpen

My Tasks
Senior Art Direction
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Graphic Design

Project Manager
Björn Rosenthal
Martin Aschenbrenner
Fabian Mlink
Tobias Klein

Robin Moschinski
Andreas Kern
David Cleef
Henrik Ramendhal
Jan Dammshäuser
Robert Berghegger