The idea



Today we have better network coverage than access to medical treatment in most parts of the world. Therefore our medical system has to adapt. This can happen in three steps. Firstly, educate people to help themselves. Secondly, help people to help each other and thirdly, provide special support in emergency cases.



This small concept shows roughly how a digital service can help providing medical support to people how need it. To make this concept more concrete I decided to design it as a product of Google. However this is no official Google product also I would like them to bandy the ball.

Concept and visual output © Christoph Gey



Dividing the content into three parts. 1.) First Aid 2.) Diseases and 3.) Emergency Support. Personal data helps the app to serve you efficiently. For example could it send you alerts for epidemic areas (trough GPS location), suggest low sugar food (trough comparison of body weight, step counter and blood pressure) or record symptoms (you looked up) to help with diagnoses.

Additional premium function:
Collecting data which can help to diagnose diseases.
It can also been sent to the doctor in case of emergency.



Wikipedia: “First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery.”

You could either browse through the first aid library, if you know the problem by name. You will get from a generic topic to a more specific one (e.g. bleeding → bleeding ear) or use the fast locator to tab on a body part to search via symptoms (e.g. lunge → heavy breathing → asthma attack).

This function should be available in Offline-Modus, too.



You can browse the library of common diseases or search via symptoms. You’ll be able to learn more about a specific topic and look up homeopathic treatments. To stay independent, this app should not provide you with the recommendation of a specific medicine.

This function should be available in Offline-Modus, too.



After confirming an emergency, everything is going to happen very fast. Your GPS location is going to be send to people close by. Your contact person will get an alarm via push notification. An face to face call with an doctor will start automatically after he/she received your GPS location, personal data and symptom history.
Of course you can also look for help close by without reporting a big emergency.