rapidmail is one of the leading provider of cloud e-mail marketing software. They are founded in 2008 and have over 40.000 happily costumers in over 28 countries around the globe. No matter if highly performant mass-mailings, the projection of marketing automation processes or high quality delivery of transactions mails – rapidmail provides companies with strong tools and lovely service.

The briefing:
Sven Kummer, the CEO of rapidmail, hired me as a freelance art director to develop their rebranding including the making of the new website, two landingpages and newsletter templates. I was more than happy to work together with them.

Our approach:
We wanted the new Corporate Design to be emotional and playful but also serious, when it comes to business needs. It should communicate clearly that it is a business from people for people.

Agency: Freelance
Client: rapidmail
Creative Director, UX/UI designer & illustrator: Christoph Gey

We took the logo as a foundation to create an iconic illustration guide.


We wanted to create an emotional connection between the costumer and the brand. The interactions should be fun.

fast & intuitive

We wanted the costumer to find information fast and intuitive. The website should be as easy to use as the service.


We wanted the build up trust. rapidmail not only provides an excellent software but also a lovely service.


Creative Director, UI/UX designer & Illustrator
Christoph Gey