Corporate Design Development, E-Commerce Shop & Website

The German based manufacturer of summer houses, car ports, roofings, garden landscaping, sun protection and much more asked the members of Netzhaut Netzwerk to create the new corporate design as well as the new e-commerce shop.

The new design shows the quality of the company by creating a hand made look. Primeraly by the usuage of hand drawn illustrations, photos that show the process of making and textures such as wood and metal. 

I joined Netzhaut Netzwerk as a Freelance Art Director and a Freelance UI Designer. We worked closely with the managers and designers of steda to create a branding that stands for the philosophy of the company and represents them in the way they want to.


Agency: Netzhaut Netzwerk
Client: steda GmbH & Co. KG
My role: Creative Director, Art Director, UX&UI Designer & Illustrator

Illustration Kota, Badefass, Fasssauna, Sonnenschutz, Sonnensegel, Baumaterialien
Illustration Spezialanfertigung Grafik Design
E-Commerce Shop Portal Design with UI and UX Design

Netzhaut Netzwerk

steda GmbH & Co. KG

Christoph Gey,
Stefan Mels,
Stefan Ripperda

Freelance UI Designer Christoph Gey Freelance Senior Art Director Christoph Gey

Stefan Mels

Oliver Lindenlauf
Tim Krüger