User Interface Refresh, Webdesign Layouts & Creative Vision

Refresh Germany’s best job portal
StepStone is an online job portal specialized on professionals and managers. Besides the headquarter in Dusseldorf it also got offices in Berlin, Kiel, Munich and Münster. On normal days StepStone got between 70.000 and 90.000 job offers online.
I was hired as a freelance art director and freelance ui designer to refresh the interface, create screens and layouts for the “Recruiting Area” and an overall creative and visual vision.

Agency: Sevenval Technology
Client: StepStone GmbH
My role: Freelance Art Direction, UX Designer, UI Designer, Conceptionist

Rethinking & Redesigning

The Recruiter Area

New User Interface

The magic behind the look and feel of StepStone

Pattern Library

Explaining the philosophy and design of StepStone

To see it live visit the → Stepstone Website

Sevenval Technologies

StepStone GmbH

Christoph Gey

Torben Reis

UX & UI Design
Christoph Gey

Senior Art Direction 
Christoph Gey

Antonia Ilski
Bojan Popovski
Marc Mintel
Fabian Mebus