Pernod Ricard

Digital Branding
Pernod Ricard is a French company that produces distilled beverages. The company’s eponymous products, Pernod Anise and Ricard Pastis, are both anise-flavoured liqueurs and are often referred to simply as Pernod or Ricard. The company also produces several other types of pastis. Pernod Ricard asked us to create their Digital Corporate Design by building the website for their Prestige Selection.

The Challenge was to create a comprehensive branding for more than 15 brands such as “Absolut Vodka”, “The Glenlivet”, “Strathisla” and many more – all with their own strong and unique branding – and to transfer this into an online presentation.

Agency: Zum goldenen Hirschen
Client: Pernod Ricard
Creative Lead & Art Direction: Christoph Gey
Zum goldenen Hirschen

Pernod Ricard

Creative Lead
Christoph Gey & Jakob Szroborz

Art Direction & Conception
Christoph Gey

Senior Consultant & Conception
Christoph von Hunnius

Programming & Conception
Add2 digital communication